Cafe Amaretti

by Nightcrawler (

rating: NC17 slash

pairings: Garibaldi/Sinclair

Summary: Sinclair asks Michael for a favor

archive: Yes

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"You want me to what?!" Michael asked, eyes incredulous. Jeffrey Sinclair cast his eyes away and tried not to blush. Michael noticed and felt guilty. "I'm sorry, Jeff. It, well it just took me by surprise."

jeff turned to face him again, his face a mask, except for his eyes. There was just the tiniest twinkle. "I shouldn't have come out with it like that. That wasn't fair to you. I should have warned you."

"Since when do you have to warn me about anything? Forget it. I'm a big boy."

Jeff glanced up and down Michael's prone naked body, letting is eyes rest on his growing erection. "a very big boy," he agreed silkily.

Michael smiled and looked down at his dick. His hand began to slide up and down the length of his shaft. "You're sure this is what you want?" he asked again, closing his eyes as he began to enjoy the depth of his arousal.

Jeff walked over to the kitchen and returned to stand over Michael with a coffee mug full of steaming hot coffee. "Absolutely. I know it sounds strange, but I just keep thinking about it. Admit it, Mike, wouldn't you like to know I get hard every time I have a cup of coffee just thinking about you doing this for me? "Michael was too busy to reply.

The sound of Michael's harsh breathing accompanied by a grunt as he sat up, pushed Jeff into action as he positioned the coffee mug to catch Mike's cum. His eyes heavy with passion, his dick swollen hard with lust, Jeff brought the mug to his lips and swallowed thirstily.

Mike watched, shaking his head at his partners strange whim. "How does it taste?' he asked.

"Like you, Mike. Just like you." Jeff replied in a voice filled with love. Then he guided his stiff cock to Mike's mouth and closed his eyes as Mike began to suck him. Mike looked up briefly, than closed his eyes and gave into the moment. Later, when the two men laid in each others arms, Mike asked, "What are you gonna call it?"

"I don't know."

"How about cafe Amore?"

"How about cafe Amaretti?"

"I'm a ready too," and both men started in a new round of love making.

The End