I'm Not Goober

by Kayla (h.kathy@verizon.net)

Rating: PG

Disclaimers: JMS got them, I just have fun with them :)

Fandom: Babylon 5

Characters: Sinclair, Delenn, Garibaldi and Kosh

Category: Humor

Archive: The Realm, BTR and Nebula Nexus

Author's Notes: This story, is the result of a private joke. I hope you all enjoy it! Its really odd Oh Jenn, "he heh Girr--rrls" lol

"I am not a goober!" Sinclair stared at his friend.

"Jeff. You are a goober." Michael Garibaldi laughs back. "I love ya man, but you are a goober."

Jeff stood there, in the hall outside his offices. He did not want to have this conversation. He debated simply walking away.

Michael laughed again, "Okay, I'll prove it." Smiling, Garibaldi called over his security agent Lisa Hampt walking by. "Lisa, come here." He could barely keep a straight face. He knew what was going to happen.

Lisa was what one would call, beautiful. More like drop dead gorgeous, beautiful long dark hair, pulled on top of her head, cerulean blue eyes, breasts that a man could lose himself in. If a man didn't find her beautiful, he was dead.

"Yes sir." Even Michael was having a hard time concentrating. Lisa stopped right in front of Sinclair and him.

Garibaldi spoke first, his back still to his commanding officer, "Lisa, have you met Commander Sinclair yet?" When Michael turned back to Jeff, he had all he could do to keep from breaking out in total hysterics.

The look on Jeff's face was indescribable. A combination between confusion, lust, appreciation and his 'its a girl' look. A snicker did manage to sneak by Garibaldi's lips. He wondered to himself if he should reach over and close Sinclair's mouth that was hanging open.

"Commander." The woman stated simply, giving him an odd look.

Just as Garibaldi was giving up hope on Sinclair ever rejoining the land of the coherent, Jeffery nodded his head and turned on his heal.

Michael stifling a laugh turned back to Lisa and said "That will be all. Thank you, Ms. Hampt."

The girl raised her eyebrow, and saluted, before walking off. Strange group they have here, she thought to herself. Ivonova was right...

Michael finally caught up with Sinclair about 1/2 way down the hall. "Commander, Commander! Sinclair! JEFF!" He ran at full speed after the retreating commander, who was almost at the lift. He reached him just as the doors were shutting. The doors were closing, Michael skidded to a halt. "Commander?" the smile in his voice was hard to hide.

"I am not a goober." The doors shut, blocking out Garibaldi's laughs.

On the way down to the mediation gardens, Jeff sighed. What the hell was wrong with him? Every time he saw a pretty woman, his throat closed up, his hands shook, and his voice fled him. He was the commander of Babylon 5 for God's sake. The lift came to a halt. Ran the place. The doors opened. Settled diplomatic fights, for God's sake, he SPOKE with Vorlons. But, put a pretty girl in front of him, and that was that. But, he was not a goober.

Upon reaching the meditation garden, he slowed. He sat down in front of the observation windows, and took a deep breath. Trying hard to ignore the tightness in his pants. Damn, she had nice breasts. He shook his head. "I hate my life." he sighed.

Delenn walked into the dome. "Commander."

"Ambassador." Jeffery Sinclair acknowledged his new companion.

"Are you alright?" Her heavily accented voice floated over the scent of the floras that permeated this part of the dome.


She nodded. Then, focusing on him more closely, said, "You are sure..."

"Yes... No, I mean," He really hated Garibaldi. "Can I ask you?..."

"You can ask me anything, whether it is in my power to answer you, we will come to know." She smiled. Mimbari humor. Lovely.

Well, no approach is better than the direct approach. "Delenn," they were both shocked to hear her personal name come out of his mouth, "Do you think I am a goober?"

"A what?" She seemed genuinely puzzled.

This was fun. "A goober, a person who is unsure of himself, tends to make a fool out of himself."

"I think you are extremely competent in your duties and your dedication to this station is unquestioned. Who suggested otherwise?" What was up with that look on her face?

"No, that's not what I meant. I meant..."

Just then a girl from services walked in, "Commander. A message from C&C." She was gorgeous too. What the hell was up with Earth Force and their preoccupation with beautiful women lately! Normally they were employed by the Generals. He would have to ask Ivonova, maybe she could figure it out. And they needed to get the com system fixed. In the meantime, he had to remind himself that the girl standing in front of him with the medium blonde hair, blue eyes, luscious lips, curved hips, just right for grabbing onto...

"Commander?" She asked quizzically. "Are you all right?"

...was waiting for an answer.

"Thank you."

She looked at him oddly again, and stood there staring at him.

"Yes?" He asked again.

"ummm, Will you be sending a response?"


She looked at him. "Sir, should I call Dr. Franklin?"

"I think what the Commander means is you are be dismissed. I'm afraid our discussion is not yet completed."

The girl looked at Delenn, and then back at the Commander, who appeared to be... to be... drooling? "Sir?"

"Fine, thank you..."

The girl turned and left. The sway of her hips, catching his attention as she moved away. He became intently aware of Delenn's amused expression. "About our discussion, Commander." She was trying hard not to laugh.

"I think I will be going now. I have to see Kosh. I think he could offer the insight I need."

"I have an answer for you..." Her rich voice, shielding laughter, floating out behind him. Jeff walked away rather quickly.

He nearly ran into Kosh outside the door.

Delenn coming right out behind him. "How fortunate that the ambassador is here. Perhaps you can continue your discussion with him." She smiled.

Kosh watched her walk away, if he didn't know better, he would swear she was doubled over laughing... And was that Earther Garibaldi's laughter coming from around the corner? Strange people these younger races. He turned his attention to the commander standing before him. This one had potential. Sure of himself, confident. Kosh was happy with this one...

"Ambassador, can I ask you a question..."

~The End~