Love's Warm Glow

by Nightcrawler (

Fandom: Shanghai Noon

Pairings: Chon/Roy

Summary: After Chon almost dies in a blizzard, Chon and Roy celebrate Valentine's Day

Warnings: Slash, male/male NC17, not overly graphic, but graphic enough. Adult situations and language.

Archive: Yes

Disclaimer: All things Shanghai Noon belong to Spyglass Entertainment and

Touchstone Pictures. This is for entertainment purposes only and no infringement is intended.

Chon Wang lifted his collar up to keep the snow out and then looked up worriedly at the snow-covered sky. The big white flakes were coming down at an astonishing rate with at least an inch already on the ground just since he had left for town. He made his way through a crowd of people anxiously awaiting the approaching Stage Coach. Chon looked up at the sky again and wondered if the Stage would leave in such uncertain weather. He nodded at each stranger he passed, and greeted them each with a warm "Howdy!" Each muttered a quick acknowledgement and hurried on. Puzzled, Chon continued on until he finally made his way to the General Store.

Once inside, he joined the small crowd huddled around a Ben Franklin stove. He removed his wet coat and hung it up to dry with the others. Then he joined everyone around the pot belly stove to warm up. He took off his gloves and held his hands out, allowing the blistering heat from the stove to warm them, quietly listening to the conversation all around him, looking for gossip to bring home to Roy. Regrettably, all anyone seemed interested in was the weather. Once he felt warm and dry, he moved to look around and see if he could manage to make all his purchases here, oblivious now to the townspeople's concern with the snow. He had seen snow in China and it didn't alarm him.

Quietly, he stood still and let his eyes scan the shelves. He smiled as he saw the clear glass bottle of oil with a picture of a baby on it. He turned to check the other side of the store and on display in the corner were the most beautiful peacock feathers he had ever seen. Mesmerized by their stunning beauty, he approached them slowly. The colorful, exotic feathers were often used in women's fashion. Chon pushed up his sleeve and let the feather gently glide against his inner arm and smiled at the sensation it stirred. He wanted the feather, but not for women's fashion.

He approached the counter then with his feather and requested the bottle of baby oil, explaining it was a Chinese cure for fleas and the tabby that had adopted Roy was in desperate need of it With a disarming smile, he also inquired about a recipe for chocolate pudding. He bought a few other items, one a big red Valentine, blushing shyly when the clerk teased him, asking what lucky girl would be getting such a beautiful Valentine. Afterwards, he went over to an empty part of the counter and began copying a poem from a small book onto the blank valentine. A few minutes later he left the store, armed with several packages, a recipe and the fixings for chocolate pudding. Stowing his purchases in the saddle bags, Chon mounted his horse and with one last worried look at the sky, took off at steady gallop, headed for the small house outside of town where he and Roy were temporarily staying.

As Chon bounced in the saddle, he couldn't wipe the grin off his face. He knew he was going to surprise his partner. Roy had gone to great efforts to see that Chon understood the importance of Valentine's Day and it's symbolism. Chon had deliberately played dumb, until a frustrated Roy threw his hands up in despair and gave up explaining any more about the holiday for lovers.

Lovers. That's what they were, Roy and Chon, Chon and Roy. Like Yin and Yang. Roy was the other part of his soul, the piece that had been missing for so long. Now he knew what peace was, now he knew contentment, now he knew love. Mind shattering love, love so strong, so powerful, it had a life of it's own. Chon was lost in his thoughts, thinking about Roy and the look that would be on his face when Chon presented him with chocolate pudding, pudding that he would cook himself, when suddenly he was jerked back to reality as his horse came to an abrupt stop.

"Fido, what's wrong?" Chon asked the horse urgently, then lifted his head to look around and saw nothing but white. All he could see was a white blur, nothing but white snowflakes flying, whipping all around, blanking out everything around him. Chon was aghast that he had not noticed the change in conditions. It was so bad, he could barely make out the horses head. Finding the road was impossible. For a moment, Chon was seized by panic. Then his training as a soldier in the Imperial Guard kicked in.

Through his own stupidity, he had been caught in a blizzard, trapped in a white-out. If he didn't find shelter immediately, both Chon and his horse would die. He tried to guess where he was, but knew it would only be a guess. If he was where he thought he was, he was in deep trouble. It was an open stretch of land just outside of town. There were no houses there, no hills, no landmarks of any kind he could look for. Worse, there was no shelter, for trees here were few and far between.

He wasn't far from home, but the snow was so disorienting that the mile or so left on his journey might as well have been fifty miles. As he sat in the saddle, the snow began to pile up on him and Chon realized he needed to keep moving, even if he didn't know where he was going. Bending down close to Fido's ear, he whispered encouragement and giving the horse his head, urged him to find a way home.

Fido responded with a high pitched whinny and then began walking slowly thru the snow, pausing every so often as he lifted his head into the wind, flared his nostrils and sniffed the air. Sometimes he paused and scuffed his hooves through the snow and then bent down as if looking for some grass to nibble on.

Chon lost all sense of time as he rocked in the saddle, his life dependent upon the horse beneath him. He peered ahead looking for some sign of life, a tree, anything, but there was nothing. Time seemed to stand still and the temperature dropped. Chon could feel the cold's effect and wondered how much longer he could go on. He wondered what Roy was doing, and how disappointed he would be when he found his dead body. For more and more it looked like there was very little chance he would survive this storm.

At the same time that Chon was wondering about Roy, Roy was worrying about Chon. He saw the blizzard outside and knew what it meant. A greenhorn like Chon didn't stand a chance. Ripping a sheet into strips and soaking each in kerosene than wrapping it around a piece of firewood, he began to peg out a trail from their home out to the road. One by one he lit the torches, praying Chon would be close enough to see them. Realizing Chon would need more than luck, Roy grabbed a big bag of Oats and carried it out, setting! g it down next to the last torch. Next, he heated up some bran mash for Fido, hoping it's warm aroma would reach the horse and guide him home. Setting the hot mash down next to the oats, Roy took one last look around and headed back to the house, knowing he had done all he could.

On the trail, Chon clung to Fido desperately. Daylight had faded and with the onset of darkness had come a heavy feeling of lethargy. He wasn't cold anymore just tired, so very, very tired. So to say he was startled when Fido suddenly broke into a canter was putting it mildly. He tried desperately to stay in the saddle but felt himself slipping. His numb fingers slipped from the horse's mane, so Chon tried hooking the saddle horn with his elbow, then let his body slide sideways across the saddle, until he was hanging upside down, hoping fervently that Fido knew where he was going. Suddenly the horse came to a prancing halt and Chon slid off completely, tumbling into the cold wet snow. He laid there for a moment trying to decide if it was worth the effort to sit up when he heard a strange sound. It took him a moment before he recognized it, the familiar sound of Fido gulping down mash. Forcing himself up to a sitting position, Chon grinned as he saw the torches. He grabbed the saddle bags and in a matter of moments, he was banging on their front door.

A frantic Roy opened the door, helping Chon stumble inside and hugging him tightly. The sudden relief Roy felt was overwhelming. He found it difficult to speak. Emotions were churning inside him that he had never felt before. Silently, Roy went to work filling the bathtub with warm water and gesturing Chon to get in, all the while trying to get a grip on his emotions and not start blubbering in front of his friend.

When Chon was safely in the bath, and the fire blazing high, Roy went out and tended to Fido. As he rubbed the horse down and threw a blanket on him, he wondered what he would have done if Chon had not returned. The thought of not having Chon in his life brought him to tears, tears he had been holding back ever since Chon walked in the door. The thought of Chon risking his life for, for whatever stupid reason he risked it for, was infuriating. Even a greenhorn ought to know better than to go out in a blizzard. Why would he take such a stupid chance? The more Roy thought about it, the angrier he became. By the time he returned to the house he was livid with Chon.

He pulled a chair up beside the tub and stared angrily at his lover, his blue eyes shooting sparks. By some miracle, Chon had survived with no trace of frostbite. He could have died so easily and for what? Why did he risk his life in a treacherous storm? Who did he go see?

Chon noticed the anger in Roy's eyes immediately but was completely bewildered as to the cause. One minute he seemed on the edge of tears and now he looked frighteningly angry.

"So," Roy started, in tones that did little to hide his seething ire, "Satisfied?"

Chon looked up at him in confusion, "Satisfied?" he repeated weakly.

"Don't play dumb, Chon. There must have a reason why you'd risk your life like that in a blizzard. Who is it? I bet it's that new girl from Virginia City, what the hell's her name? Melinda? Belinda? Something like that."

Chon stared at Roy, dumfounded. "You think I went to town to be with a woman?" he asked in disbelief. The more Chon thought about it, the more irate he became. His face flushed with anger, he suddenly stood up naked, the water dripping off his lithe body as he stepped out of the tub. "I can not believe you would think such a thing," he said angrily but looking hurt and betrayed. "You think that is all you mean to me? You think that after all the time we have spent together that I still need a woman? I have a wife, remember? If I need a woman, I have Falling Leaves!"

"Falling Leaves!" Roy retorted snidely, "You don't even know where she is. When's the last time you saw her?"

Chon didn't answer, just walked over the fireplace where his clothes were drying and picked up the saddle bags. Opening up one side, he pulled out the valentine, ignoring the peacock feather as it fluttered to the floor. "Here, Happy Valentine's Day!" he said sarcastically, then added, "I was even going to make you chocolate pudding and give you a massage, but not now! You'd probably rather be with a woman anyway." Then Chon turned and headed for their bed.

"No, Chon, that's not true! Wait, please, I'm sorry, don't be angry!" a contrite Roy desperately pleaded in vain, realizing his error.

Chon stubbornly ignored him, slipping naked under the blankets, silently refusing to answer.

Putting on his spectacles and moving close to the fire, Roy sat down and slowly read the valentine, the words scratched out in Chon's precise writing.

Roses are red, Violet are blue, My love is worthy, endless and true

I know that you love me, I know that you care,

Together our love is something we share

So on this day, this day just for lovers

Let's spend it together under the covers

"Chon, Chon did you write this?" asked Roy in wonder.

There was no reply.

"Chon, come on, man, tell me, Did you write this?"

"I wrote it," Chon admitted gruffly, then added, "But I had to copy it from a book. I can not read English, you know that"

"It's beautiful man, just beautiful."

Chon warmed up a little and turned on his side to face Roy. He nodded, acknowledging it was beautiful. "I had the librarian help me pick it out." He admitted.

"And you were going to give me a massage?" Roy asked, his voice warm with invitation.

"Was!" reminded Chon stiffly.

"But I said I was sorry. Can't we just let bygones be bygones?" asked Roy in a beseeching tone.

"No." replied Chon simply. "Now leave me alone."

A wave of despair washed over Roy as he reluctantly turned away. Then an idea struck him. When a weary Chon finally fell asleep, Roy went to work making chocolate pudding. As the pudding was cooling, he heated up the water in the tub and took a bath himself. Before getting into bed, Roy allowed himself one last look at his sleeping companion. He looked down at Chon and wondered if he would be upset in the morning when Roy would make good use of the chocolate pudding. He worried about it for a moment, then shrugged. Chon couldn't get any angrier than he already was, besides, he loved chocolate! Unable to hide a mischievous grin, Roy slipped under the covers anticipating the morning.

Chon awoke early, before dawn, before Roy. He stood up and emptied his bladder into the slop bucket they kept beside the bed, then returned for the warmth of the goose down comforter, and Roy's body heat. Once back in bed, he quickly fell asleep.

Roy's eyes danced wickedly as he followed Chon's actions,. When he was sure his partner was asleep again, he hopped out of bed, used the slop bucket, then began reheating the pudding. It had thickened overnight, a tad too much for Roy's liking so he added some cream. He stirred the pudding patiently, wanting it to have just the right consistency. Finally he was satisfied. He held the wooden spoon up and let the warm liquid drip off. Beaming with anticipation, he picked up a towel, approached the bed and lifted the covers. He began by spooning out some of the still warm pudding and letting it drizzle over Chon's naked belly. The he ladled out some more and began to drip it all over Chon's private parts, watching anxiously for Chon to awaken. But Chon was still in a deep sleep. Roy took the feather and began to tickle his lover with it. Whispering his name playfully, "Chon, oh, Chon. Come on partner, you been sleeping long enough." But still his partner didn't respond.

Roy looked carefully at his partner's eyes, but they remained shut. Roy reached down with one finger and started finger painting on Chon's belly with the pudding, but still he elicited no response. Finally, Roy put the bowl of pudding down and climbed into bed next to Chon. Slowly, he began to lick off the chocolate pudding.

Chon awoke from the most delightful dream only to find it continued on even while he was awake. He groaned with delight as a wave of passion washed over him and he wondered what could possibly be causing the erotic sensations in his nether regions. Roy felt good when he loved him down there but this was way past good, this feeling was unbelievable. Arching his body to provide better access, he groaned involuntarily again, only to hear Roy reply knowingly, "I knew you would love this!"

Chon wanted to know what was going on, he wanted to know what it was the Roy was licking so furiously, he wanted to say stop, say wait, hold on, but his body wouldn't let him. He felt his insides coiling, recognized the stirring sensation in his balls, and the gasping need for more oxygen and suddenly, as his insides vibrated, his body surged up and reached an explosive climax.

Roy laid his face contentedly across Chon's belly, pleased with his partner's reaction. "Happy Valentine's Day, partner. Happy Valentine's Day."

Understanding dawned, Chon sat up and looked accusingly at Roy, "You used my chocolate pudding?" he asked in outrage.

"Well, not all of it," Roy admitted with an evil grin. Then switching position, he straddled his partner and showed him his stiff erection, covered in chocolate. "I saved this just for you!"

Chon looked up hungrily at the chocolate covered treat Roy offered him and then complained, "But this was supposed to be all for you!"

Roy grinned down at Chon, "It still is, Chon, but I'm started to hurt and I'd sure appreciate it if you started opening your valentine right now."

Chon smiled happily, "OK, partner. Happy Valentine's Day!" and with that Chon began to devour the chocolate covered treat Roy offered him.

Later, when both men were wrapped up in each other's arms, content and exhausted, Roy asked Chon, "So, what do you think of our holiday?"

Chon smiled happily, "It is the best holiday I ever had! I hope we have Valentine's Day every month!"

Roy laughed warmly at his partner's enthusiastic reaction, then pulled him into his arms and kissed him tenderly and confided, "You don't need chocolate to be my lover, Chon. And we don't need a valentine to remember how we feel about each other. Everyday we're together, Chon, it's a holiday way more special than Valentines Day. Just you and me, together, always." Punctuating the last few words with kisses, Roy stared down into his partners dark eyes, looking for confirmation.

Chon smiled and let the love he felt for Roy shine from his eyes, "Just you and me, Roy, together, always. You and me."

The End