A Taste of Xev

by Nightcrawler (Kmanetta@earthlink.net)

Fandom: Babylon 5 /Lexx crossover

Rating: NC17

Warnings: Adult language and situations

Summary: Xev goes shopping in the Zocolo and picks up more than she expected

archive: yes

Disclaimer: Babylon 5 belongs to the Great maker, JMS. I'm just borrowing the characters for a bit. Lexx belongs to the Salter Street Films and the Human beans, again I'm just borrowing the characters for a trip to B5 and NO money ids being made, no copyright infringement intended.

Zack's eyes widened as he watched the female approach. Dressed provocatively in a halter top that emphasized her generous breasts, she radiated sex and danger. Zack looked down at her identicard "Xev of BK3?" he asked with a warm smile. "I'm not familiar with your world," he added casually, hoping to learn something.

Xev gave him a dismissive look and asked instead, "Where may I replenish our food supplies?"

Zack sighed wistfully and sent her to the Zocolo.

Once in the Zocolo, Xev began to enjoy herself. This was more her element. There were peddlers selling their goods everywhere, mostly men. Haggling with men was something Xev naturally excelled at. She licked her lips in anticipation.

At the first stall she went to, the vendor was selling melons. She picked one up and put it in the vendors face, slowly letting her hands caress it as they explored the smooth surface.

"How much?" she demanded sensuously.

"My dear lady, why do you waste your time here? If it is melons you are interested in, perhaps I can assist you. There is another stall further down that specializes in Hasape milk melons. Have you ever tried one?" Then answering his own question, he went on, "No? Tsk, tsk, we can not have that, dear lady, can we? Savoring a milk melon is one of life's great pleasures and you strike me as the type of person who likes to enjoy all of life's great pleasures."

He offered her his arm in a regal fashion and as he led her away, introduced himself, "I am Londo Mollari from Centauri Prime. And you?" he asked.

"Xev, from BK3." She stated simply, her dark eyes moving all around, taking note of everything being displayed.

The milk fruit were swollen, pendulant globes, with a brownish tinge. The skin was smooth and almost lifelike. The stems were a darker pink and bore a starting resemblance to a nipple on a breast. Nearby a sign read, "Please Don't touch the Milk Melons." The sign did not stop Londo, however. Looking carefully from side to side, after first catching Xev's eye, his hand quickly darted to the fruit for a quick caress. Immediately the stem lifted and straightened. Xev gasped in awe. "Ooh, I want one!" she demanded. "My pleasure, dear lady." Londo replied, completing the purchase for her. The vendor explained the milk inside could be sipped from the stem. Xev took the fruit and placed it between her two breasts, "What do you think?" she asked.

A deep voice came from behind her, "I think you are wasting your time here. Let me introduce myself, I am G'Kar from Narn."

Xev turned, momentarily startled, to see a tall, imposing, somewhat lizard like figure. She relaxed and smiled, pleased by the sexual reaction her body was having to this stranger.

He had a small fruit in his hand and took a bite of it, letting the juice run freely down the corner of his mouth to his protruding chin. Xev stared in wonder, then finally let her long lizard tongue snake across and lap the juicy driblet away.

She saw the question in the Narn's eyes and replied in intimidating tones, "Have you ever heard of Cluster Lizards? Let's just say I'm related to them."

The Narn did not back away, however, instead he came closer, backing Xev up against the hard edge of the display unit. "I have tastier fruits your tongue can taste," he offered enticingly in a soft, harsh whisper filled with the promise of passion.

Londo tried to interrupt the two here, but Xev dismissed him with a wave of her hand and the curious comment, "You are Stanley with hair." Instead she allowed herself to be led away by the Narn.

As they passed through the Zocolo, the Narn stopped frequently, sharing a tasty fruit with the exotic female at his side. Little was said between them, though Xev's tongue was seen frequently attending to the Narn's juice ridden mouth.

Once safely ensconced in the Narn's quarters, Xev began to really enjoy herself. This Narn had no questions for her and no apparent interest in anything other than the feel of her long tongue on his manhood.

Xev, on the other hand, wanted only to feel this huge Narn inside her, pounding away. The Narn excused himself to shower and disrobe. Xev took the time to explore his quarters. The fruit on the table attracted her. Quickly, she slipped out of her clothes. She picked up a cluster of small round fruits, and plucking one off with her tongue, found she was able to fire it across the room at tremendous speed. She laughed with delight. She plucked another with her tongue then picked a target and fired away. Bullseye! Her body shivered in anticipation of the Narn's return. As soon as he stepped into the room, Xev fired a fruit at him with her tongue. It splattered against his naked chest, the juice dripping down toward his obviously erect manhood.

The Narn said nothing, just grinned lasciviously and said, "I believe you missed. Try another grape?"

Xev grinned wildly at him and fired another grape, laughing as it splattered and bounced of his engorged manhood.

"Try a peach?" G'Kar offered and threw it at her with unexpected speed. Xev's tongue was able to soften the impact but not by much. The soft peach splattered up high against her naked thigh, juice dripping freely down her leg.

The Narn approached and in a chivrilous manner asked, "May I?"

Xev nodded and he knelt on one knee and began to lick away the juice of the fruit. As G'Kar studiously attended to his work, his tongue working it's way up her leg, up her thigh, up ever closer to the source of her throbbing womanhood.

Xev closed her eyes to savor the delicious sensations the Narn was providing her with. "Higher!" she urged and the Narn complied. As his tongue dove into the seat of her passion, her own tongue unfurled and began to wrap itself around the Narn's stiff male organ.

There was a salty juice beginning to flow from him that she found intoxicating. Between this exotic taste and the sensations his tongue was invoking, she began to moan in distress. Her tongue yanked on his hardness, pulling it, squeezing it, urging it on.

Her hands meanwhile explored the Narn's face and chest and his exceptionally sweet ass. This Narn, this male, he was so different from Stanley and Kai, so very, very different. Xev spread her legs wider, bidding him entry. Her tongue eased it's tentacle hold on him and with a grunt and a hard shove, the Narn was inside her, driving against her.

Xev of BK3, part cluster lizard, part love slave, drove her body up to meet his, delighting in the resounding slap of skin again skin as their bodies met. Xev basked in the hardness and strength of the Narn so appealing, so refreshing, so very invigorating.

He was truly a most sensuous being. Xev wondered idly who was enjoying themselves more? It appeared to be a tie. As she witnessed the tell tale signs signaling their mating would come to a conclusion shortly, she let her tongue explore the crevice of his ass. The Narn was not expecting the lightening like sensation and promptly came to a climax with a warrior cry of victory.

Xev screamed with delight herself as her body joined his in reaching satisfaction. Grinning madly, Xev purred her delight with the Narn, then sinking her nails into his tough hide, demanded a repeat performance. G'Kar gladly obliged.

It was a good twenty four hours before the two decided they had fully satiated their bodies. Escorting his lover through the hallways of Babylon 5, G'kar and Xev walked proudly, fully aware of the curious and somewhat envious glances they were attracting.

As they passed once more through the Zocolo, G'Kar expedited her order of supplies. From the corner, Londo watched in disgust then turned away and sipped his Brandy.

At Customs, G'Kar looked down gently and said "I don't suppose we will ever meet again?"

"Unlikely." Replied Xev.

"I would have been honored to have you at my side."

She smiled then, so simply, so tenderly, but her eyes still sad. "It is not meant to be. I am not from here and I am..." she stopped suddenly and looked up. There was Kai, standing across from her, on the other side of customs, with Stanley Tweedle by his side.

G'Kar looked across at Kai and the menace in his lifeless eyes. He placed his hands on Xev's bare shoulders and said simply, "There is no need to explain. Thank you for a wonderful night and have a safe journey!" With that the Narn bowed formally and kissed her hand.

A slightly shaken Xev nodded. Part of her wanted to stay and part wanted to leave. She looked at Kai longingly, then clasped the Narn's hand tightly and whispered roughly, "Good bye!"

The End