by Nightcrawler (

fandom:Babylon 5

pairing: Garibaldi/Sinclair



rating: NC17 for slash

Summary: Sakai returns to Sinclair and Garibaldi has an encounter with Zack

archive: Yes

The characters on B5 belong to JMS, the Great Maker and I'm just borrowing them and thankful to God JMS created them. No copyright infringment intended and no money is being made.

His shift was over. He should be back in his quarters relaxing, maybe cooking a nice meal for Jeff, but he wasn't. He was prowling the labyrinth of Downbelow, just itching for a fight. Catherine Sakai was back, and Jeff, for all his good intentions, was like putty in her hand.

She'd hurt him again. Garibaldi was certain of it. He also knew there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. Jeff would sleep with her. He always did. No matter what he said, or what he promised, they would end up in bed together. She would promise him all his dreams. Then, when Jeff thought everything was perfect, she'd up and leave him. He would be left to pick up the pieces and try to put Jeff back together. Just the thought of Sakai made him swear violently under his breath. He needed to avoid her or he might just tell her how he felt.


Michael Garibaldi tugged the worn fedora he was wearing a little lower as he spotted something suspicious. It looked like a drug deal. Some skinny little guy was furtively handing something over to the buyer when Garibaldi got a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. He knew the buyer. It was a new security officer he had recruited personally! Zack Allan. Garibaldi boldly followed the duo, who were completely unaware of him.

Garibaldi confronted both men in small space hidden by mounds of old clothing and broken boxes. He removed the fedora, drew his weapon and greeted the dealer with a cold smile. Zack Allan blanched and looked like he was going to lose his dinner. Garibaldi roughly grabbed the envelope out of Zack's hand, glanced at it briefly, then grabbed the buyer and patted him down.

He looked once at Zack and ordered him not to move. The young man was obviously terrified and nodded yes. Then Garibaldi turned his attention to the drug dealing dirtbag in front of him. After relieving him of his weapon and drug stash, Michael Garibaldi told him exactly what he thought of lowlifes like him and what he felt should be done to them. He punctuated his comments with a series of sharp blows. He wanted to arrest him, but that would involve Zack and destroying his career before it even got a start. Besides, beating the crap out of this dirtbag was helping him forget about Catherine Sakai and Jeff. Finally, leaving the dealer slumped on the floor, he turned his attention to Zack. His eyes were clear, pupils normal, maybe there was a chance.

"Talk!" he ordered staring directly into the younger man's eyes, looking for signs of deceit but finding only fear. After listening to Zack's explanation, he finally relaxed a little. He let out a deep breath and looked away, shaking his head in disbelief.

Zack's explanation was simple. He was lonely, and nervous and needed to relax. Some guys drink, but booze always made him puke. Smoking weed wasn't a crime, that was all he had planned to do. He hotly denied asking for the hallucinogen that was packaged with the weed.

"Zack, weed's legal. Why would you risk your life to come down here and buy it from a dirtbag dealer?'

A shame faced Zack hesitated then admitted, "I didn't want anyone to know that I'm not the happy go lucky guy they always see. I guess I'd better stick to booze."

"Come on!" Garibaldi ordered. "You're coming with me and I'm going to teach you how to drink with out puking."

Several hours later, a totally inebriated Zack Allen leaned heavily on his sober Chief and looked up at him adoringly. He felt all warm and fuzzy on the inside. So what if there were two of everything? The more the merrier.

Garibaldi kept one arm firmly around Zack's waist and tried to make it through the Zolcolo without seeing anyone. He almost succeeded. He spotted Jeff and Catherine just before they spotted him. Thinking frantically, not wanting Jeff to see Zack so blitzed, he shoved Zack into the doorway of a closed shop, then put his arms around him in a seemingly warm embrace. In reality it was a necessity to keep Zack upright.

Zack smiled dumbly and announced "The Captain's coming!' like he was happy about it. Garibaldi dared not look. Instead, he reached forward and planted a long kiss on Zack's mouth. He hadn't meant for it to be a real kiss, but then Zack had opened his mouth. He tasted of Kirillian brandy, but he also tasted clean and honest, and most importantly, hungry. Michael hadn't meant to do anything but distract Jeff. Suddenly, time stopped. His thoughts of Jeff stopped. His arousal was earth shattering. His hands squeezed zack's ass as he butted his lower body against him. He felt Zack's hand's caress his own ass in response and deepened the kiss, grunting as he pounded his body against Zack's once more. Then as fast as it started, it was over. They broke away to catch their breath, and Michael turned his head and saw Jeff stare at him coldly from afar, then turn and walk away.

*My God, what have I done!* he though to himself. Zack saw Jeff too and suddenly he seemed to understand. At any rate, he backed off big time and seemed to sober up quick.

"Mikey, I don't think the Captain is happy he saw you kissing me. You better leave."

Garibaldi stepped away. Zack was right. Jeff was angry. He sighed wearily, then pulled Zack to his side and said, "Come on. I'll deal with the captain, don't worry about it. Right now, we gotta get you home."

The next few days passed quickly but quietly. Jeff seemed to avoid Michael and when he couldn't, treated him in an overly officious manner. When Michael received the invitation to join Jeff and Catherine at the Fresh Air restaurant for dinner, he knew it was over.

As he sat down beside Jeff, Sakai made sure he saw the glittering diamond on her hand. Bitch. Garibaldi squared his shoulders, smiled and congratulated them. He turned to face Jeff. It was a heart stopping moment. Michael let the pain in his heart show for just a moment, and for just a moment Jeff reacted, with look of pain and confusion of his own. Michael couldn't help the feeling of abandonment and betrayal. How could Jeff not trust him? he, of all people, should know better.

Then Michael let his mask slip back into place. It wasn't over. Not yet. Not by a long shot. He looked at Sakai and almost as much told her so. She knew. She might have won for now, but this was just one battle, certainly not the war. Jeff and Michael were meant to be together, not just for a while, but forever. Maybe Jeff didn't know that yet, but he'd find out. Sakai would be gone soon; she never stayed long. Then Michael would pick up the pieces and repair the mess she had made of everything. He would show Jeff, Zack was not a threat, that no one could come between them. Together again, the pain inside would fade and they would both heal. Together.