Velvet Knight

by Kayla ( )

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Rating: NC-17, but of course

Summary: Qui-Gon, couch, wine 'nuff said

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Author's Notes: Special thanks to my beta Laura, I couldn't do it without you. Dedicated to my friend Jenn, who lost someone close to her today, and a big thank you to all my friends, where ever you are, for just being you! Oh, and thanks to my absent Muse, who finally decided to come back. Did you take a left turn at Choocamonga or what? Where have you been the last eight months, huh Muse? Huh?

The rain outside pattered against the floor to ceiling windows, mocking him from across his rooms in the Jedi Temple. It had a very tranquilizing sound. Normally, Qui-Gon loved the rain at night, but now...

Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master slid down on the couch. Alira had fallen asleep on his lap. How did he get himself into these situations with her? He knew better, he should have sent her home before the storms started. He just couldn't trust himself near her.

He reached up to grab the glass of wine on the table before him, and concentrated on the vid screen. "Movie, Jinn, watch the damn movie." When he settled back again, Alira slipped down in between his thighs, and he groaned as her body slid down further. She just felt so good. A silent plea in the Force, please wake up, little one

She moved a bit, and settled down again, her head resting against his chest, her hand falling under his tunics. She completely trusted him. His lips moved to kiss her on the head, and he caught the scent of her hair.

"Stop it, Jinn," he admonished himself. He shook the erotic images forming in his mind, and ignored the stirring in his leggings. She sighed sleepily, as she shifted on his lap. So much for ignoring his problem.

Qui-Gon Jinn closed his eyes, and moaned softly under his breath. He reached for his glass, and took another sip of wine. He just did not trust himself anymore. Deciding to concentrate on the wine, rather than the beautiful, sleeping young lady on his lap, Qui-Gon slid the glass to his lips, and half opened his mouth to drink the sweet liquid. Rolling it on his tongue, and then swallowing slowly, he felt the warmth from the wine spread through out his chest. The rain drummed against the windows, creating a romantic atmosphere in the room. In the darkness of the room, the lights of the passing Galactic City transports shone though rain drenched glass, and alternately illuminated and shaded the walls.

Then she moved again, quietly sighing.

Shifting his weight, he tried to push her back up, which resulted in her laying on his chest, and her legs draped over his thighs. She moaned softly in her sleep. He took another sip of wine, and listened to the rain. When Alira finally settled down, and the movements of her body against him ceased, he sighed. As Qui-Gon became aware of where his left hand was now resting, he pulled his hand up like it was on fire, from the smoothness of her skin. Her thighs were now what he was concentrating on...

Her silky, long legs were covered in nothing more than her skirt; the soft movement of air from the window made Alira shiver a bit on his lap. He felt the cool rain misted breeze from the open window run over his large hand, gliding between his fingers, and down to her legs. It felt like a flowing satin wave, pulling him closer to her skin. The desire was taking over in his body; he had to get away from her. He began gently pumping his leg up and down under him, to stop the tightness in his groin.

Qui-Gon set his glass down on the side table, and wrapped one arm under her backside. His other arm snaked around her thighs, pushing her skirt up further. He felt her warmth, and that she was still asleep. The wine was now really going to his head. He ran his hand up her thigh slowly, trying to clear his head. The feeling of her skin clouded his judgment even more than the wine did. He felt himself going over the edge, and was becoming powerless to halt his own desires.

Cursing silently to himself, he shifted yet again to try a quick meditation chant. He calmed.

He took another sip of wine, and moved under her yet again, as he listened to her breathing. Blasted wine was going right to his head.

He swirled the burgundy liquid in his lightly silver stained glass, watching it intently. The burgundy of the wine, matching the wall covering and rich deeply colored carpets of his rooms. Her leg slipped a bit, and his eyes watched the rising and falling of her breasts as she breathed quietly in her sleep. The movie was quickly becoming part of the background to him. He set his glass on the table again; just her presence was teasing his senses.

Sliding his large hands up and down her thighs, his arousal grew once more. He ran his calloused thumb down her smooth cheek. His other hand starting to journey of its own accord further up her skirt; his erection pressing against the confinement of his leggings. His hand slid further up, and he groaned when he hit the lace underneath.

She stirred then, half waking. Her hand running along his chest as she started to come to her senses.

Quietly, into her hair he said, "You... feel... so... good..." Qui-Gon's hot breath hitting her, "so good."

"Master?" she said sleepily into his tunics.

Moving his hand up under her skirt, he slid his finger into the band of those lace panties. Barely above a whisper he asked into her ear, "Are you wet?" She sighed in response. "Are you wet for me? I bet you are..." Moving his hand slowly closer to his destination, continuing to ask her softly, "Tell me... tell me you want me... Let's see how much you want me." His finger slid down, becoming surrounded by her wetness. Qui-Gon groaned softly, as his erection twitched in his leggings. "Oh Gods, you are wet. Oh Gods..." His hand moved around between her legs, "Soaked." The last word coming out in a choked voice. "Your panties are so wet, little one," the Jedi Master whispered into her hair.

Her fingers clenched against his cloak, holding it tighter. Whether she would admit it or not, her body wanted him. She was ready for him, for this.

Alira's body involuntarily moved against the penetrating finger between her legs, and she let him push her legs apart with the Force. She moaned, still not completely awake. She shivered with the presence of this man so close by. Qui-Gon also noticed she was getting restless on his lap. Even in her current state, her body still was demanding more of him. The sounds of thunder could be heard over the horizon by the Jedi, carried on the soft winds.

"Do you want more? Is this not enough for you?" he asked. The rain fell harder against the glass, and he slid another finger inside her to fill her up. He was rewarded with a moan and her grabbing more of his robes in her hands. He moved with her body, the slickness coating his fingers. He had his head back against the couch, his eyes were closed, and his breath was coming harder and heavier. "What do you taste like? hmmm What? Candy? Sugar? Sweet?" At the question, she pulled tighter on his robes, and the material pulled down, cutting hard into his shoulders. He slid his fingers faster, imagining his tongue licking her up where his fingers were, tasting her, watching her face from there. Possessing her... What did she taste like? He moaned at the thought. She was driving him insane with desire.

Quickly pulling out of her, he brought his hand up and licked the taste of her off his fingers, sucking them dry. As soon as the taste hit his tongue, he groaned, low in his throat.

She whimpered, not feeling him inside her anymore, and lifted her head up a bit. In one quick motion, he pulled his fingers from his mouth, and plunged them back inside her, pushing deeper into her. He tried to sense how she was feeling, but the waves of desire that hit him blew his mind. With the raw emotion hitting him, he lost all of his Jedi control and flipped her around in his arms. Pulling his fingers from inside her again to rip the lace from around her hips.

The tearing of the material, and jarring motion of being thrown down onto the couch by this strong Jedi, woke her up completely. She was now fully aware of where she was.

In the next moment, he had released his erection from his leggings, and put his well-muscled arms on either side of her shoulders. He knew she was wide-awake now, and there was no way to go back on this. Looking deep into her bright eyes, he stated his low voice, "I will stop, you have but to ask me." She saw in his eyes how aroused he was, a look she had never seen on Master Qui-Gon before. "On my honor as a Jedi, I will stop."

And she knew he would. Her response to his question was to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him, deeply. The passion grew between them, and it wrapped them in itself. He still held himself above her so as not to crush her, but now he used his thigh to push her legs apart. He slid into her slowly, never taking his eyes from hers.

She closed her eyes as she felt him enter her, filling her up. He went so slowly; he was treating her like a breakable object. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she pulled him down, and whispered in his ear, "Please, take me Master."

That did it. Bracing himself with him knees, he pushed deep into her, and began pulling out again. She was just about to plead with him to slip inside again, when he slammed back into her. In and out, harder and harder. He grabbed her waist, and grunted as his hips rubbed against her thighs.

He was pounding so hard into her, that she was sliding off the couch. She latched on to his robe on his arms, and could feel those muscles working, holding his weight up off of her.

Qui-Gon couldn't think anymore. His mind was numb, his spirit mingled with hers, and the sweat ran down his face. He lunged for her neck, and sucked on the sweetly scented skin there. His labored, heavy breathing was hot against the inviting flesh of her nape. She arched up against him, knowing all along in her soul that this is what it would have been like. The whole experience matching her fantasies of him over the years, she nearly cried when he brought her over the edge.

He felt himself spill into her, and it felt so good. Heat radiated from Qui-Gon's body, and she wanted to get lost in his scent. He pulled up away from her; the cooling breeze that was felt between them as it hit their hot skin, sent shivers down her spine. She made no sound. Alira was laying back, her eyes closed. When Qui-Gon looked up at her, trying to regain his thoughts, he saw there were tears in her eyes. Soon they were running down her cheeks.

Qui-Gon wiped one away. The Jedi Master didn't know what to feel. Thinking he had hurt her, he stated simply: "I'm sorry, little one."

She opened her eyes again, and locked onto his face. "No, its okay. Its not that... its..." Her voice quieter now.

Qui-Gon was desperate to know what was wrong, what had he done?? "Alira, talk to me." She had shut her eyes, and was trying to get up now, get away from him.

"Alira." That voice rocketed through her mind, at once instantly calming her and commanding her to tell him. He ran his fingers down her cheek, as he wiped away the tears, and spoke softly, "Why are you crying?" As the Force whispered the answer to him, he shut his eyes. He heard what she felt, he saw the fantasies that had run through her mind since she was young. Her thoughts of the two of them together.

And then... "First?"

The Force spoke through to his spirit, he questioned, "First..." The calming presence of the Force softly leading him to the realization: "I am the first you have been with." He opened his eyes again, and looked at her, "Why didn't you tell me?"

She opened her mouth to say something, and closed it again. He felt her certainty that he would leave her. The Jedi Master pulled her into his arms, and held her close. Switching his position on the couch, he held her very tight, "I will never leave you." He kissed the top of her head; he began to weave the Force around her spirit to calm her. Morning wouldn't arrive for many microts, so he settled back into the comfortable cushions. She nestled against him barely awake now.

He tugged with the Force, and chimerian silk blanket wrapped itself around them both.

"Sleep, shhhh.... I will always be here." Qui-Gon Jinn said quietly to her, running his thumb again on her cheek. The Jedi Master held her through the night. He would never leave her.

The End