Deadly Duo (Shuang xia, 1972)

David Chiang and Ti Lung, trying to rescue a prince from a big fortress and a lot of nasty bad guys. Simple story with some nice action sequences (I especially liked the bridge sequence), some good buddy moments, a classic heroic ending which apparently earned David a HK Best Actor award in 1972. Also their first on-screen "pairing"...and what a beautiful slashy pairing that would make in so many other movies! Worth a look, definitely.


Overall rating: B

Droolworthiness: A for David Chiang leading a stripped-to-the-waist, tied-up Ti Lung around. And Ti spends the rest of the movie without his shirt. Thank you!

Slashiness: B- A few nice moments, but pale in comparison to some other David Chiang/Ti Lung movies.

Action: B