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Presenting 90 pages of fiction in fandoms new and old, from fannish favorites to the obscure. Published May 2004, this issue contains...

"Lucky Jack" -- fiction by Tauna -- (The Sweeney, Jack/George, 14 pages)

Jack slumped back down into his chair, fury drained. He sat with his head in his hands, swallowed up by his own thoughts. What if they couldn't find George in time? What if they beat him so badly that he wasn't himself anymore? He reached in his drawer and pulled out his bottle of scotch. He poured a stiff amount into his coffee and knocked it back. It roiled in his stomach. He sat shaking, actively fighting the panic that threatened to overwhelm him. If he got George back, he'd tell him how he felt, tell him how much he needed him. He'd tell him he was sorry. If he didn't get George back, he'd kill every last one of the bastards who were holding him.

"Twice Shy" -- fiction by Sydni_6.4 -- (Batman: The Animated Series, Bruce/Harvey, 6 pages)

Bruce frowned and turned to Harvey. "People change, Harv. You of all people should know that."

"Ah, yes. Bruce, if there's one lesson you've taught me during the years we've known each other, it's that one." Harvey turned his attention back to Selina. "Selina, since you're so interested in the gay-bashing case, I'll tell you. Sometime last night, a homosexual was beaten to death. I have no idea who the hell did it. None of my best people has any idea who the hell did it. We have some clues-not many, but some. We want to find suspects because if we do, and we have a trial, maybe this case will stick in the public consciousness for a while. If we don't, people will forget, just like they always forget. But I can't shake the thought that if this guy hadn't been sashaying through the streets, flaunting his 'lifestyle', he'd still be alive today, and the police would be out there investigating about a zillion other cases that have gone on the backburner in the past eighteen hours." Harvey paused to sip his water. "Don't quote me."

"Morning After" -- fiction by Alicia Ann Fox -- (Blake's 7, Vila/Blake, 1 page)

In bed, yes, he was...he didn't remember going to bed. Not unheard of...but...both of Vila's eyes clicked open, to confirm his previous drowsy one-eyed view.

This was not his cabin.

"Need" -- fiction by Khylara -- (CSI: Miami, Horatio/Speed, 4 pages)

Speed's throat suddenly went dry as he stared at his boss, his friend. A shaft of late afternoon Miami sunshine had centered on him, making his eyes impossibly bright and turning his hair the color of polished copper. A part of him hoped that the need he was feeling wasn't as obvious as he felt it was, that it didn't show in his face, in his voice, in the very way he was practically devouring Horatio with his eyes.

And a part of him didn't care if it did.

"Twice Fallen" -- fiction by Thesseli -- (Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel, 2 pages)

...when Colonel O'Neill came to him with his offer to help get his memories back, he felt that he had to accept.

He'd had no idea then of the memories O'Neill wanted to bring back.

"You Get What You Need" -- fiction by ElmyraEmilie -- (Highlander, Duncan/Methos, 4 pages)

He bent his head and caught Duncan's full lips with his own, exploring with his tongue. Twisting a little, Duncan lifted a hand to the old man's face and opened to the kiss.

"Mmmm. Does this mean my massage is over?"

"Not at all. Just stay right there, love. I've only begun."

"Invincible" -- fiction by sidewinder -- (Shanghai Noon, Chon/Roy, 9 pages)

Chon startled Roy by putting his arm around Roy's shoulders and pulling him close. "I need you, Roy. Don't you know that by now?"

Roy turned his head and met Chon's gaze, troubled and intense, telling Roy everything he needed to know, everything he'd hoped for and more. "I need you, here," Chon insisted. "I would be lost without you."

"Autumn Night" * -- fiction by rohandove -- (Lord of the Rings, Aragorn/Faramir, 2 pages)

Aragorn let himself be pulled away, the night air slowly sliding past him, pushing him to Faramir. Tonight, he would not be King, or the leader of men. Tonight he would be Aragorn.

"Christmas Fun" -- fiction by D Gray -- (Highlander, Methos/Richie, 3 pages)

Rolling his eyes, Methos gave up. Leaning down, he kissed Richie on the lips. "Christmas, huh? Do you know how long it's been called that? Not even two millennia give or take a few hundred years. Before that it was Yule, or Solstice. Times change, I suppose. But what do I get, if I help you decorate? Maybe a little extra something for Christmas?"

"Hmmm, I'm not sure I want to concede too much, for too little." Richie asked, trying but not quite succeeding in hiding a smirk, "What did you have in mind, Methos?"

"Yule Fun" -- fiction by D Gray -- (Highlander, Duncan/Methos, 3 pages)

Shivering in a mix of anticipation and desire, Methos begged, "Please, Duncan, not like this."

"Oh yes, very much like this, Methos. It's been too long since we did this," Duncan said, shifting around behind his lover and grinding his growing erection into Methos' butt. "I definitely have missed this."

"Au Vanille" -- fiction by Alicia Ann Fox -- (Blake's 7, Tarrant/Cally, 4 pages)

Most of the time, Cally avoided thinking about sex. After all they had been through together, she was very close to her fellow Liberator crewmembers, but somehow the subject seemed unsafe even for discussion, much less for action. Most of the time, she felt as if she and the others were balanced on a knife-edge of danger, and that any distraction would cut them.

And without reinforcing telepathic touch, the idea of sex lacked...spice.

"A Little Lesson in Priorities" * -- fiction by MacSTP -- (Queer as Folk US, Brian/Michael, 5 pages)

"For Christ's sake, you have to quit that fucking place, Novotny. If you don't tell him off tomorrow, I'll fucking take care of the bastard. And I mean it."

"Look, I'm the one it happened to, Brian. I'm the one he made wear the fucking clown suit, not you. Stay out of it!"

"I'm telling you now, Novotny, if you don't do anything about it, then I will. That's not just a promise, that's a threat. And after that, I'm coming to take care of you!"

"Ever After" -- fiction by sidewinder -- (Shanghai Noon, Chon/Roy, 2 pages)

Wang could recall a time when the sight of her face could leave him breathless, a time when he had dared to only steal glances at her beauty when he could be certain no one would catch him. That had been a time when he had still believed in fairy tales, in happily ever afters, he recalled clearly. That time was long passed.

"Of all the bars in all the anonymous Pacific Northwest towns in all the world..." -- fiction by Feklar -- (Highlander/The X-Files, Methos/Krycek, 8 pages)

Adam pushed open the door and turned on the light. His captive blinked then shaded his eyes through long lashes. He had examined his body earlier when he had stripped him, impressed at the number of gadgets, lockpicks and weapons stowed about his person. But it was hard not to study him again, and again compare him to Corey Raines. He had only met Corey once, when Mac asked him to distract him for a while. It had taken them about ten minutes to fall into bed.

"The Sixth Day" * -- fiction by Nicci -- (CSI, Grissom/Warrick, 3 pages)

Gil considered taking a walk. He caught himself and thought how that probably wasn't such a good idea when he caught his lover's actions. Warrick had extended his hand to the girl, placing his long, brown fingers into her clutches. She grasped them, turned the hand over with the palm out and then back again. Gil saw her pat her bloody red tip claw on Warrick's fingertips.

Maybe she had a logical reason for the display. Whether she did or not wasn't important-he just wanted her to stop the flirtation.

"No Apologies" * -- fiction by sidewinder -- (The Police, Sting/Stewart, 7 pages)

Sting could feel his face was growing flushed from the exertion, and sweat was beading up on the back of his neck. Stewart's face was red, too, every muscle in his neck drawn tight, straining against his skin. Sting could feel the tension running through the body pinned beneath him and he had to admit, it was a satisfying feeling-something he needed after the misery of tonight's show. He liked it, got a thrill from feeling the restrained power in that body under his own.

He felt...

Hell, he was turned on by it.

"Male Bonding Metallica Style" -- fiction by Feklar -- (Metallica, James/Jason, 7 pages)

He didn't turn towards James, just swung his arm out, finger up. He barely felt it grabbed and twisted behind his back as his face slammed into the tiles cheek first.

"What the fu-"

"Shut up, Jason."

He barely felt the pain of this cheek grinding into the tile or the feel of James behind him, pulling his hips away from the wall and kicking his feet apart. His overriding thought was that that was the first time James had called him by his first name.

Also includes Star Wars: TPM, Due South, and Man From UNCLE poetry by Khylara. Stories marked by a * have previously appeared on the internet, although they have been re-edited for publication in this fanzine. All other works are appearing here for the first time in any format.

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